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Kristian Tieman

Project Director
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"Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them." (Andrew Grove)

I help public and private organizations to make their organizations function as well as possible if an emergency situation arises. Continuity of work, but also the optimal functioning of a temporary crisis organization is necessary and ambitious for many organizations. As a consultant and trainer, I prepare these organizations for a crisis situation. I do this, among other things, by thinking about the organizational structure of this temporary organization, but also by developing and executing exercise and training activities, so that employees are prepared for their role and by making and recording agreements on cooperation. . An important element for me is to learn from (simulated) crises. After all, it is always about the intrinsic question of how you learn from positive and negative experiences and how to safeguard these lessons. Learning goes further and is much more than just writing an evaluation.

In my view, crisis management revolves around eliminating causes that lead to emergency situations for people and the organization and reducing their consequences. We are currently living in a constantly changing risk landscape: there is increasing intolerance to risks, pressure from stakeholders, constant media attention that can cause reputation to crumble or the 'license to operate' to be compromised. Everything an organization does is under the microscope. When confronted with a crisis situation, an organization must safeguard its people and resources, maintain customer satisfaction, maintain the carefully constructed image and prevent or limit financial and legal consequences. Together with my colleagues who share the same passion in the field of crisis management, I am happy to help.

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